«From my Archivio, I always have a pair of flip flops with me.»

«My name is Julia Martins Miranda, I'm a photographer and musician, and I wish I could be more present in all my relationships. If I have to describe myself with a fragrance it would be the smell of tropical woods after a summer rain. From my Archivio, I always have a pair of flip flops with me.»

Which is your favourite Archivio’s piece?
‘Diamante Long Coat’

Which is your favourite Archivio’s color?
‘Light Pink’

What does silk means to you?
‘Comfort, Sensuality & Elegance’

«Living is easy under the sun.»

The most beautiful thing about living in the sun?
‘The sense of lightness and happiness. Living is easy under the sun.’

Sunglasses or headpieces to survive the strong lighting and heat?

Something you do to nurture nature?
‘I’d say we nurture nature when we nurture ourselves. So, when I’m connected with my inner self and I feel balanced, I’m also nurturing everything around me.’

What does Sicily means to you?
‘Sicily means tradition, beauty, Italian spirit, Mediterranean lifestyle, summer and of course eating deliciously. It also means home to me somehow.’



Words by Simona Dell’Unto
Photography by Rosita Gia
Styling by Cecilia Federico
Casting by Federica Ciuci Priori

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