Our vision is to find the excellence of Made in Italy, contemporary Italian manufacturing and share it with the world.


We believe in the beauty of diversity

Archivio is the brainchild of two women, Cecilia Federico and Rosita Gia.
Through our brand we celebrate the beauty of women and their elegance.

We emphasise the woman's body in all its ages,
communicating a sophisticated and personal sensuality.


We support local economy and
the well-being of our workers.

All Archivio garments are made in our small atelier in Puglia, where knowledge and tradition have always characterised the quality of Italian tailoring. Expert skilful hands take care of every single garment at every stage of its manufacturing.

Time / knowledge / craftsmanship are the key words of our production. Each product is designed to be sophisticated and timeless, which is why we offer contemporary design without seasonality.

eco sostenibilità

We choose silk sustainability

Each garment is specially made for the customer. We believe in a system where reducing waste is the basis of sustainability, which is why each component of the garment (fabric and lining) is purchased only after receiving an order.

• Silkworm plantations guarantee and encourage the maintenance of the original natural ecosystem, raising the level of its biodiversity through a respectful exploitation of the land, in which the use of fertilisers and pesticides is scientifically counterproductive and therefore not used.

• The processing of silk fibre has a very low environmental impact in terms of emissions into the atmosphere. The fibre maintains its naturalness throughout the entire manufacturing cycle.

• Silk does not release pollutants over the entire course of its lifecycle, avoiding the problem of pollution from plastic microfibres that is characteristic of synthetic fibres.

• Silk fibre is 100% recyclable and reusable.


Zero waste approach.

An eco-friendly choice
Made from a minimum of 90% recycled material and fully recyclable.

Our packaging has the following ecological properties:


When exposed to light, air, moisture and microbes, it breaks down into completely natural elements.


Leaves no toxicity in the soil after breaking down into its natural elements.


Manufacturers that remove toxins and pollutants from the air used during the manufacturing process.


Does not contain petroleum-based components.

Can be broken down and used as an ingredient of a new material.


We value what we buy.

Behind each garment is the meticulous work of our atelier's seamstresses. Their skilful hands take care of each garment in every detail from cutting to tailoring. This is why each order, once completed, takes a maximum of 15 days to reach the customer.

We do not support fast fashion. We believe that quality means also time. We believe that sustainability is something that can last "a lifetime".