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The Power Outerwear for Fall – by Toni Thorimbert
Milan, September 2018

For fall campaign, the designer Duo has sought new belonging, character and personality, digging into the Italian roots of their line and into the city memories of the 90’s.

“We often think about how beautiful, powerful and sexy Milan was during the 90’s. Among his wonderful photos and incredible stories, Toni led us in the remembrance of those years that we would have loved to live with our brand.”

When we met Toni, we were both attending to an exhibition and wearing Archivio coats. One was a rigorous double-breasted coat in cashmere with a masculine cut and the other one was a soft silk double-breasted coat, rosewood coloured.

The structure of a clothing, the precision of the seams and the lines, the construction which holds it up and the fabric which is made of. What kind of story does the Archivio coat want to tell?

Toni wanted to tell it in his own way.

We met at his studio in Milan and it was an instinctive and immediate approach.

“The coat says it all, we simply need a woman to wear it. Thinking of substance and structure tempered in delicate equilibriums, into a game of proportions among lights, skin and fabrics”

Toni does not only love women but he loves clothes and fashion as well.

The garments shine like a new wave of strong and sensual glances that channel both feminine and masculine sensibilities. It is like assembling the basics of an impeccable style, a male coat with a pair of black décolleté.

Silky jackets that give a sensual and sophisticated welcoming fullness.

“Tailleurs” with a basic shape and overlapping outfits bring us into a more experimental universe.

These are the elements characterizing the Archivio Fall Winter 2018 collection.

Pictures by Toni Thorimbert

Style by Mauro Demestria